Second city photo stroll

Walking along the canal, we cut through layers of Birmingham’s past – and present.

Today I swapped working for walking. I spent the day strolling around Birmingham with my camera and a friend who’s a proper photographer. We started with a tiny post box and normal-sized office lamp.

Then it was time to play Spot the Ugliest Building. But amid the Tetris towers and shiny Dallas skyscrapers, remnants of the city’s red-brick industrial heyday endure.

Following the canal west, we cut through the city’s layers – finally reaching the raw, un-redeveloped depths. Here we found ourselves in the land of graffiti, where the rattle can is king.

On the towpath, friendly souls abounded as lunch-break runners passed us by. Eventually, our escape from emails was over too. We wound our way back through Gas Street Basin and on to New Street to catch our trains home and sort through the photos.